warning. avoid HP handhelds(jornada). HP support sucks

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After having my palm pilot stolen, I chose to purchase an HP Jornada
720 some time ago.WORST MISTAkE OF MY LIFE.  HP no longer supports the
jornada series.  There are NO updates, and installing software is a
waste of time.  I used to be an HP diehard, but those days are gone
after very bad experiences with support on HP products.That's why
there are so many different types of products.  HP releases new
products so that it can eliminate support on its "older" products very
early in the product life cycle.Don't let HP HYPE control you. Buy
from a manufacturer who gives better life cycle support on its

Re: warning. avoid HP handhelds(jornada). HP support sucks

Good day,

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What are you talking about?  Don't blame your own lack of research
before buying a product on HP.

The J720 was released about 5 YEARS ago.  HP has stopped supporting it
for several years as well.  You haven't been able to buy the J720 or its
accessories in retail chains for years.

As for software, there is plenty of third party HPC 2000 software that
is compatible with the J720 around.  Just do a search on the internet.
There are whole website sites built around software for the J720.

Michael Tam

Michael Tam
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Re: warning. avoid HP handhelds(jornada). HP support sucks

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HP was selling these - not many apparently - up to about a year ago,
in the form of the 728. The 728 is the same as the 720 except 64 MB.

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