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I am not sure if this is the right group, If not please tell me which
group to ask in.

I have a handheld film/mp3-player (netac iMUZ C708) which should be
able to play films encoded as MTV format in avi-XviD with MP3 sound
(Donīt know if that makes any sense, but that is what it says in the

The manual describes how to encode a video using VirtualDub software.
I have done so, and I can watch the film, if I disable the sound
encoding in VirtualDub...

I can't however make sound work at all. It says in the manual that you
have to encode the sound as MP3 seperatly and multiplex the two... But
it does not say anything about how to do that. And I am no
video-format wiz... So I can't get it to work...

And since the product is from china, calling the support is not really
an option (My chinese is very limited :D)

Re: Video format for handheld

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There is a huge thread on that topic at...

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Try 'DMVconvert' which is a free software that can convert to dmv- and

The tool can handle mpeg1 and mpeg2-source material, but is not compatible
with avi or wmv.


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