USB Key and PDA

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i just receive for my birthday a Memorex USB 2.0 TravelDrive that allow me
to store 1GB of data. I would like to know if there is any kind of adapter
that could allow me to plug it on my IPAQ 5450. I found one kind of adapter
but it use a CF card and the IPAQ 5450 is using SD card.

Any info appreciated.


Re: USB Key and PDA

I had remembered seeing something like what you are describing in a TV
report from the CES show... but I knew that it wasn't EXACTLY what you
wanted because what you want really can't exist without draining your

First, here's what I was thinking of:

Certainly it won't save you any money and I don't really see why anyone
would want one when you can get a 1GB SD card for under $100.  So...
the reason you won't find a SD 2 USB adapter?  It's easier for
manufacturers to alter the USB connection that already exists on PDA's
(the synch one on the bottom) than it is for them to figure out how to
get enough power to flow through the SD slot for a USB flash drive
which takes about twice the power of a SD card.

So, you'll now be seeing a lot of PDA's that can handle a USB drive (or
the reverse of what you're looking for... a usb drive that actually
just nests a SD or miniSD card inside).

I know that doesn't help you use the 1GB Memorex drive (I have a couple
of them... and was actually thinking that the better adapter would be
to be able to plug it into my car stereo --- that would be VERY cool).


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