Urgent - Pls help - need to buy a handheld Device

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Urgent - Pls help - need to buy a  handheld Device

I am a novice at technology. I am not good at typing. It takes me too

I would like to buy a pen/stylus based handheld device. I am looking
to have a databse of contacts on my PDA.

This is the data that I really need it for:
1. name
2. email address
3. tel numbers
4. Company name.

Typically the above will be in one line or so.
I will have about a 1000 people's contact info.

This is what I would like it to have:
- good handwriting recognition capability
- possibly voice recognition too

I should be able to retrieve the inputed info easily.
(hopefuly like a mini search engine)

Can anyone pls suggest what company name/device /model I should buy
for the above requirements. And how much ?

I am NOT looking for it to be capable of sending/receiving emails.

Anything else i should be looking for ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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