UK PDA with email access in USA

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I'll be travelling from the UK to USA for a few months
in the near future and as I want to have regular access
to email, it would be good to know what the best
options are for PDA's.

I've already investigated a laptop with WiFi access,
the only drawback is the size and having to find a hotspot,
I'm therefore wondering if a PDA would be a better option.

Obviously it would need to haver GSM/GPRS triband capability,
but how easy would it be to setup such a device for email
access in the US, and how good would the coverage be?

Also would it be better to:-
a. Buy something in the UK with a UK SIM and use the UK SIM
    in the US?
b. As above but purchase a (prepaid) SIM in the US for access
    while over there?
c. Buy the HW and SIM in the US, and on return to the UK
    but a SIM from a UK SP?

It would be good to receive any information or advice on
how difficult/easy this would be to setup and use and the
likely costs. As I've never used or owned a PDA before
I currently have no clue whether this is a viable option.

I did have a quick look at the XDA II, it has triband access
but gave no clue as to the likely costs for internet/email
access while in the USA.


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