TX, iPac111, or Asus

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Looking for a small transportable WiFi device to connect with at airports,
etc. Plan to look at the Asus Eeepc, Palm TX, and the HP iPac 111. Any
others? Suggestions? Comments on any of the above?



Re: TX, iPac111, or Asus

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I have been using Nokia N800 for almost a year and it works really well.
Small, very portable and high resolution screen (800x480). EePC is just
too big to be a portable and too small to be a laptop replacement. If
you must a have a built-in keyboard, Nokia N810 is another option. Both
of these have wifi and bluetooth. Tether them to a bluetooth phone
with data plan and you can access internet just about anywhere. Both
have surprisingly good built-in stereo speakers for multipmedia
playback. Nokia N800 is priced quite attractively at this time ($199-

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Re: TX, iPac111, or Asus

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