Toshiba e755 Windows 2003 Disk

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Does anyone know where I can get the cd to upgrade my Toshiba e755 to
windows mobile 2003  from 2002? I am fine buying it used, or if anyone
wants to send me an iso of the disk or snail mail it to me, that would
be awesome too! Toshiba is being stupid... they won't even let my buy
one from them...

bwhiting (at) gmail (dot) com

Re: Toshiba e755 Windows 2003 Disk wrote:
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My suggestion is to not do it.  I did this when it came out and it
causes several purchased programs to fail to function.  The software
has never had updates or patches to work with Windows Mobile 2003 and I
am SOL to the tune of about $100.  So for my $15 "upgrade" I lost the
use of $100 worth of software!

What was missed?  Well, the CD with the update did NOT contain a copy
of the original OS/BIOS nor a way to back up the device before flashing
the new OS.  Thus, you pays your money, you takes your chances and I
took the wrong chance.  Once it's flashed, it's flashed.

Overall, after living with the e755 since the "upgrade", I can see no
compelling reason to have made the change other than it sounded good at
the time.

I unfortunately tossed the CD in frustration a few months after the
"update" so can not help you.  I can only offer my advice that you
forget about it and live with the device as it came from the factory.
It really doesn't need WM2003!


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