TI59 Drive Roller Repair? (programmable calculator)

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It's pretty common nowdays to see repairs made to the decaying drive roller
wheels on vintage HP programmable calculators.  I've even done a few myself.
But has anyone repaired TI drive rollers, say from a TI59 or an SR52?

The HP repairs are easy, as there is a type of model airplane fuel hose that
fits perfectly.  But the TI requires a different diameter material.  Has
anyone experimented with this?


Re: TI59 Drive Roller Repair? (programmable calculator)


Do you have an idea for removing the labels WITHOUT disturbing them for hp
calculators ??? thanks for your help
info appreciated here in the newsgroup or via oe3pha@hotmail.com

"John Crane" <john_crane_97(at)yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
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Re: TI59 Drive Roller Repair? (programmable calculator)


You bring up a good point.  On HP classic series calculators (HP
35,45,55,65,67,70,80) there are 2 screws hidden under a thin metal label on
the back of the calculators.  You must access these screws to disassemble
the calculators; but the metal is very thin and shows abuse easily.

I've seen 4 approaches to this problem:

1. To hell with the label, just punch right through and leave a hole.  The
logic here is "I'd rather marry a smart girl with an ugly butt than a
brainless one with a cute butt."

2.  Meditation is the key, young grasshopper.  A thin blade, heat from a
hairdryer, and patience - much patience; allows the enlightened to pry the
foil back to access the screws without creasing it.  Bend back a lot of foil
at a shallow angle because it's the sharp bends that cause creases. Once you
get the edge of the foil up (most probably with a #11 xacto blade), switch
to a blunt blade (a butter knife will do) to peel it back about 2cm. this
will avoid the possibility of the sharp xacto blade point accidentally
piercing the thin metal.

3. Punch holes in the label, and fill the holes with small erasers, thereby
making two extra  rubber "feet"  for the calculator.

4.  Years ago, I recall some PPC members made replica plates.  So, if you
could find one,  just completely remove the old one and slap on a new one
with light adhesive.

Good luck,


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Re: TI59 Drive Roller Repair? (programmable calculator)

Thanks for info. Will try it.

"John Crane" <john_crane_97(at)yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
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