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First of all if this is the wrong group, I apologise, but I couldn't find a
group that hit the nail right on the head so to speak.

I have two questions which are linked in together, hopefully someone will be
able to help.

1)    I am looking for a sub-notebook which doubles up as a tablet PC.
There are two models which I am interested in which will give you an idea of
what I'm after.  The first is the Flybook by Italian company Dialogue, and
the second is the Fujitsu P1510D.  Both have 8.9 inch screens which fully
swivel round for use in Tablet mode.

Has anyone used either of these machines?  Is general performance
comfortable?  I realise that the specs of your average laptop will lag way
behind those of desktop PCs, but is the hardware/software designed to take
into account the lower RAM and CPU power?  I'm not looking to use it for any
heavy-going 3D graphics or anything, but I need a mobile PC with internet
access, access to emails, wordprocessing, spreadsheets, using Acrobat etc.
and maybe some image editing with paint shop/photoshop.  Oh yes, and if it
can support decent Sat Nav software it would be a bonus.

2)    One of the main uses I want to put the machine to is drawing floor
plans on site.  Having a tablet PC will (I hope) make the whole process
quicker and more intuitive, by using a stylus there and then instead of
sketching on paper then transposing that information on to the PC back at
the office.

I currently use Smartdraw, which is good enough and accurate enough for my
purposes, but with a tablet PC in mind, does anyone know of software
designed specifically for this purpose?  Something perhaps where you could
draw directly onto the screen, input a measurement, and the software would
"tidy up" your drawing to fit.

Any experiences with these areas would be appreciated, or if you think there
is a more appropriate forum, please let me know.



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