T-Mobile Finally Comes Clean! - Pulls iPAQ 6315 From Shelves - Offers Blackberries

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Enclosed is an internal FAQ circulated to T-Mobile employees regarding
the 6315. (Don't ask me how I got it) - Essentially, they've taken the
6315 off the shelves 'temporarily' and are offering to swap them for

They of course, cite software problems as the reason. Not the least of
which are the chronic lock-ups, which someone FINALLY got T-Mobile
support to acknowledge. Quoting a tier-2 tech: "When the h6315 goes
into suspend mode, the GSM module (the built in cell phone) looses
"network lock".

I went to the mat with T-Mobile over this unit and came this [ ] close
to suing them in small claims court. They settled by letting me out of
my contract and waving any remaining charges on my account.


Q1: Why was the HP iPAQ pulled from our line of products?

A: We are working with the vendor (Hewlett Packard) to explore
possible software upgrades that may provide an improved customer
experience. Until we know whether these software changes will enhance
the experience, we are temporarily suspending sales.

Q2: What should I tell customers who inquire about the HP iPAQ device?
A.  Please tell customers that the "HP iPAQ is currently unavailable
but we hope to have this device back in stores quickly and if you'd
like we can take your name and number down and call you when it's

Q3: What should I tell customers who inquire about a handset exchange
for the HP iPAQ device?

A.  Beginning March 21, T-Mobile will offer HP iPAQ customers an
additional exchange option.  Qualified customers can either: 1) get a
refurbished iPAQ or 2) select from one of three new alternate devices.
Customer Care will need to conduct the exchange so please refer
customers who inquire about an HP iPAQ exchange to Customer Care.

Q4:  What are the alternate options through the exchange program?

A.  If the customer qualifies for an exchange of this device, they
will be offered one of the following options:  

Refurbished HP iPAQ replacement

RIM 7100t + Courtesy Credit

RIM 7730 + Courtesy Credit

Treo 600 + Courtesy Credit

Note:  The refurbished HP iPAQ will not ship out to customers until
the new software is released.

Q5: Why are we offering alternate exchange options for the HP iPAQ
Pocket PC?
A: In our continuing efforts to become America's most highly regarded
service company, we are giving our customers another option until the
new software is released.

Q6: When will the product and software improvements launch?
A: We are exploring possible product and software improvements that
should improve the customer's experience with the product. We are
planning to release the new software within the next 30 days.  We plan
to notify customers once the software upgrade is complete.

Q7: Is the iPAQ available in the Upgrade Programs?
A: Not currently. It was temporarily suspended from the Upgrade
Program on March 17.  

Q8: Will we retire or grandfather the "Minutes, Mail, and More" (aka
iPAQ) rate plans?
A: No. The availability of these rate plans has not changed.

Q9: Will customers need to switch to different rate plans and features
if they choose an alternate exchange option?  
A: In some cases. Customer Care will evaluate the customer's needs and
pick the rate plan that best suits them.

Q10: Will T-Mobile release another Windows-based device in 2005?
A: T-Mobile is committed to offering windows-based devices. More
information will be coming soon.

Q11: Will Hewlett Packard continue to be available for Tier 3 support?
A: Yes.  

Q12: Are we proactively contacting customers about the alternate
exchange options for the iPAQ?
A: Not at this time. The alternate exchange option is currently only
available to customers who call and meet the criteria for an exchange
of their HP iPAQ Pocket PC. T-Mobile customers who own an iPAQ should
continue to use their device as normal.

Q13: Will this alternate exchange option be offered for other devices?
A: No. This offer is designed for iPAQ customers only.

Q14: Are customers who are exchanging their device due to physical
damage or out-of-warranty problems eligible?  
A: Yes, but they will be charged the standard $70 out-of-warranty fee.
Q15: Are employees and special accounts eligible?
A: Yes, but with some exceptions. For example, these customers are
eligible for the alternate exchange options, but they must submit
their request for Goodwill Credits to Employee Accounts.

Q16: Can Retail Service Representatives (RSRs) apply the Goodwill
credits at the store?

A: No. All exchanges of the HP iPAQ device should be referred to
Customer Care as only Customer Care representatives can issue any
credits for eligible customers who choose an alternate exchange
option. Customer Care will be prepared to help their partners in Sales
with these requests.


6315 pulled

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  Thank U agent C 4 the heads up !
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