Synchronizing Clie Mail always deletes all messages

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What the... I am using Clie Mail, attempting to synchronize with
Outlook Express 6 on my laptop. On the Mail Conduit side, I specify
"Synchronize the files". On the Clie side, under "Hotsync options" I
specify "All" and "Only transfer messages from the past 300 days". I've
created a personalized category on the Clie, so that I move messages
there for "protection" from subsequent hotsync operations - or so I
thought! After the initial hotsync, all the files I want are
transferred to the Clie. Then I move them to the personal category.
Then subsequent "hotsync" operations always clear out all the messages
in my personal category... what the h*ll good is this thing? No matter
how I set it up, I wind up losing email saved on my Clie... :-(

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