Sync cradle or charge pod for charging ipaq 2755 battery out of PDA

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The FA260A sync cradle for the hx2755 Ipaq will NOT charge an external
battery outside the Ipaq.

The FA260A#AC3 is on MANY websites saying SPECIFICALLY that it has a
"charging slot for an additional battery".  This is stated on both the
Mobile Planet website AND the Page Computers website.  I called HP
technical support and even that fellow had to jump through hoops to get
straight answers.  Bottom line after his research, only the FA285A and
FA286A removable batteries have an external battery charging cradle
included.  There appears to be NO syncing cradle that will charge an
hx2755 Ipaq.  Please prove me wrong, someone!!!

I have NEVER seen such mis-information about products in my life.  As I
get older, maybe I am not as forgiving, but...

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