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I've bought a ibm workpad z50, without RAM expansion.
My first attempts to install netbsd was unsuccessfully and I obtained
the same result triyng to configure a ethernet pcmcia card (recognized
but not configured).
The use for me is:
- web navigation
- blogging
- posting pics on flickr (using email posting or web posting)
- rss reading (use a software running on the home server)
- writing with a word processor

what your suggestion? using wince or netbsd?


Re: suggestion for ibm z50


if WinCE is the default system for the z50,
then I'd use that, since it's likely
to support the hardware,
including NE2K compatible NICs,
and maybe even SOCKET LP-E cards.
(Although it's only WinCE 2.11...)

If you're eager on using netbsd: /

However, I'm writing this posting
on my IBM ThinkPad X31 ,
which has a similar form factor as the z50,
but is much more powerful,
and has all built-in what you'll have to add to a z50
to make it usable.

So my suggestion is to get an X31 instead;-)


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Re: suggestion for ibm z50

thanks for the answer.
I tried with both systems, WinCE (3.0, already installed when I bought
the workpad) and netbsd (tried to install it but without so much free
time and unsuccessfully).
I would also to use a wireless pcmcia card.
Your TP is really nice and the x31 is a nice solution, but I've yet an
x40 and I don't want to buy my 3rd laptop... :D

Re: suggestion for ibm z50


the x40 is even somewhat smaller than the x31.
So I'd use the x40 and put the z50 into the collector's archive;-)

Not so long ago I wanted to use my HP Jornada 720
as internet terminal, attached to a WLAN, and secured
with WPA-PSK.
After many searches I finally gave up the plan with the J720,
because it's simply impossible with a HPC2000 machine to use WPA,
and bought a Nokia 770 Internet Tablet
for fast and easy wireless internet surfing sitting on the couch.
For more text intensive things, like programming or writing mails,
I use my x31.


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