Sony may send $199 PSP to U.S. retail

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"Retailers like Best Buy and EBgames with a stocked line of Sony-branded PSP
accessories indicate that the company may be sending a stand-alone $199 PSP
to retailers. Items like Sony headphones, cases, 32MB Memory Stick, and
battery chargers are now all for sale as individual items. However, they are
exact to the ones currently included in the $249 PSP Value Pack.
At $199, consumers could see a stand-alone PSP unit for sale, similar to the
one offered in Japan at launch. The stand alone PSP includes only the
hardware, battery pack, and charger, leaving out cases, headphones, and

Currently, the PSP Value Pack is the only configuration in which the
hardware is sold at North American retailers. The $249 bundle includes
accessories like headphones, case, battery pack, charger, and a copy of
Spider-Man 2 on UMD.

Many consumers have balked at the $249 price tag on Sony's handheld
entertainment system. Retailers were baffled as the 1 million units shipped
to retail didn't sell out immediatley after a bolster of publicity.

The launch was also marred by reports of dead-pixels, or glowing dots on the
screen that affect the display. Sony's PSP customer service initially said
that several dead pixels were a normal, non-warranted occurence on PSP
screens, but later allowed consumers to send them back for a replacement.

Still, PSP sales have been no slouch for Sony, as the company recently
reported sales of 2.97 million units to date worldwide. The PSP also
generated $150 million in sales in its first two days at retail.

The PSP has been seen as a viable entertainment device by major movie
studios, and recently received backing by 20th Century Fox and Universal
Studios. UMD sales have reportedly been brisk at retail.

New Sony accessories at retail that are of use to current owners include
extra battery packs, a Sony accessories case, and a car charger."

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