Sony launches PSP web browser update

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Sony launches PSP web browser update
Rob Fahey 14:06 27/07/2005
First major usability update to the PSP arrives; piracy loopholes closed in
the process

The first major upgrade to the PlayStation Portable since the device arrived
in Japan last December has been launched today, with a new software update
for the system adding a web browser and a number of other features.

The version 2.00 firmware, which was announced by the company last week, has
been launched for Japanese handhelds and is available from Sony's official
PSP website (or can be automatically downloaded by units with wireless
network access).

The firmware features support for multiple languages - including all of the
key European languages, which have been supported since version 1.5 launched
earlier this year, and the new addition of Korean - and is expected to roll
out to American consumers shortly.

As well as adding a web browser (on which, we're pleased to note, is perfectly readable if somewhat peculiarly formatted),
the upgrade also enhances the photo, movie and music capabilities of the

Users can now share photos wirelessly with each other and set their own
background images on the device, while more music standards - including MP4
and WAV - are supported and videos now feature better skip options.

Crucially, the update also allows the device to use wireless networks
secured with the popular WPA-TKIP security system, and it includes fixes to
the PSP's software which close up the loopholes used by pirates and homebrew
software developers to run unapproved code on the system.

It's not yet been revealed which firmware version will ship on European PSPs
when they launch at the start of September; test European units currently
being shipped carry the 1.52 firmware, but it seems likely that the final
devices will include the new upgraded software.

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