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Hi everyone I am looking for a little guidence.

I just bought an SD card for my Zire 72.  I have a program I purchased
and am trying to install it onto the card, instead of the handheld
(internal memory).  When I hotsync the prc file to the card and run the

application to install, it overwrites the application on the handheld
and the prc stays on the card.

I am not able to copy the program from handheld to card, as it is
locked.  My only thought is that I need to have the o/s on the card,
possibly find out how the application decides where to save and change
that location or to somehow unlock the program to copy it & delete the
version on the handheld.

Any thoughts or advice on how to do this?


Susan (a frustrated addict).

Re: SD cards & Zire 72

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If you're saying that your card is locked, then how can any app be installed
on your SD? Unlock it and try again.


Re: SD cards & Zire 72

sbenjam2 wrote:

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Hello Susan,

Paul from Palm here. Some third-party applications fail to launch from
an expansion card if they use libraries or files stored in your
device's internal memory. In that case, your best bet is to contact the
application developer with questions regarding copying. But, you might
also take a look at the Palm Knowledge Library article "Copying,
deleting, sending and beaming files and applications on an SD/MMC
expansion card" at .


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Paul Novotny
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