rpn with a random number generator in hex

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Is there an rpn calculator that
has a random number generator function?
I'd like the output displayed in hex.

Re: rpn with a random number generator in hex

Some RPN calculators have random number generators however, these are
output as 0<=X<1.
Lets try on a hp-33S which is the only widely available RPN calculator
at the moment.
The following program will give a number randomly selected between 0
and F:
DEC (you get this one through BASE)
RANDOM (labelled RAND on the keyboard)
HEX (through the BASE menu)

This program leaves the calc in HEX mode

This should work on a 32s(II) and without much change on many other old
hp calculators (I haven't tested on all though)

Good luck


Re: rpn with a random number generator in hex

I forgot the link:
http://www.hp.com/calculators/scientific/33s /

The 49g+ is certainly the most versatile calculator available at the
moment but it may ba a bit overkill...

http://www.hp.com/calculators/graphing/49gplus /

Any other ones are collectables and may cost you a fortune on ebay


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