Review of the 2 best FPS games for Palm devices

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Master Thief
The first game in the review is Master Thief, developed by Cascata
Games, built on the Deity3D engine. You play the game as a thief
therefor stealth plays a bigger part in this game than it does in other
FPS titles like Serious Sam. The missions are quite long and take a
while to complete, finding all the items.
Since you start the game with only a stun gun (be sure to kill the
enemies before they wake up), the AI can be difficult in the beginning.
There are many puzzles spread throughout the game including hacking
into computer terminals etc. You'll pick up several different weapons
throughout the game. From shotguns to grenades, all the weapons acted
as they should. Exploring the environment is crucial, be sure to check
for security cameras. If you find you can't sneak past a guard, don't
forget you can create a distraction.
The graphics are excellent and you'll be reminded of the days of
Wolfenstein and Doom. Each mission uses unique textures to create a
realistic environment. The more powerful your PDA, the more you will
appreciate the graphics (super and ultra resolution modes available to
Controlling your character may be frustrating until you get the hang of
it, luckily all the buttons are re-mappable. Using the stylus to strafe
left and right, and using the Dpad for general movement, seemed to be
the best way to go.
Overall Cascata Games has created a fascinating and unique game, in a
genre that was desperately lacking. There are still a few bugs to be
worked out, but from what we've seen so far, this is a must have.
65K color screen
618K free memory (OS4)
648K free memory (OS5)

Daedalus 3D
Daedalus 3D is a true first person shooter. From gorgeous environments,
to excellent weapons, to the challenging gameplay, Daedalus 3D breaks
all the boundaries.
The game has a suspensefull feel to it from start to end. The main
reason for this is the the game is HARD! When enemies charge you with
guns blazing, prepare to feel the pain. Enemies may often seem to have
better firepower, but this is where your wits must come into play.
Learning to dodge and strafe are the most important tactics.
This games' graphics will leave you speechless. This means that
everything from the walls to the lights is rendered in all its 3d
glory. One complaint that stood out in the graphics was the enemy
animations. They seemed stiff and blocky, but it's a small point.
The weapons are impressive, just wait till you get your hands on the
bazooka! We were disappointed that you don't see your weapon onscreen,
only your reticle, but this saves room for viewing the details on
stunning levels.
Sound effects were a mixed bag. There were generally only two sound
effects per character, and the game didn't have any music at all.
Overall the game is a blast, and great to show to your friends to show
off what your powerfull device can do. Plus with extra missions
available for download, there's some nice replay value too.

The commercial release 1.2 of the game needs about 4 MB of free RAM
before installation. At startup, the game checks for available RAM and
only starts if it found at least 1.5MB of free RAM.

Master Thief or Daedalus 3D ? Only one can be the best... go to to find out which one wins!!

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