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Thanks in advance for any help that can be rendered here.

Just purchased a Dell Axim running Windows Mobile 5. One
thing has me curious and one thing has me stumped.

The easy question has to do with antivirus.  I use Nod32 on my
pc and was wondering if it would be sufficient to scan the
installation programs before installing them on the handheld.
Or do you really need a seperate AV on the handheld?

The other question will seem really dumb, (and rightfully so) but
I've never owned a handheld so I don't know.  I'm confused about
which type of software will work for the handheld. Most download
sites use the term 'Pocket Pc'.  Does this term refer to all
handhelds in general?  Or is Pocket Pc another operating system
for another type of handheld?  What confuses me even more is
when I see 'Pocket Pc 2002 or 2003'. Can I install any Pocket Pc
software on my Axim?

Any info would be greatly appreciate - thanks.

Re: Req: Basic help for pda newbie

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I don't think anyone has seen Pocket PC viruses in the field, so you
don't need any antivirus software. At least not yet.

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You are not the only person confused; Microsoft has made this more
complicated than needed, and has changed names several times. Pocket
PC is defined by Microsoft, and is a "platform" based on the Windows
CE operating system; a "platform" is base operating system with some
tweaks plus some required applications plus hardware specifications.
Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002, Pocket PC 2003, and Windows Mobile 5 for
Pocket PC are different versions of the platform. For more info, see

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Not quite.

The original Pocket PC supported several types of CPUs, so users
needed to know the type of CPU they had. Starting with Pocket PC 2002,
only ARM-compatible CPUs are supported, so CPU is no longer a problem,
unless you are looking at old software.

Some older programs have no trouble running on newer versions of the
platform, and some have many problems. Usually, a program either works
or doesn't, with no ambiguity.

Many installation programs run on the "desktop" (other end of
ActiveSync) and choose the right CAB (installation) file or say the
program won't work.

So you're almost certainly safe trying programs, unless you need to
pay or leave valuable info first, or don't have time.

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Check the newsgroup. Also, check Chris De
Herrera's web site at:

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indicate which newsgroup and message).

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Re: Req: Basic help for pda newbie

Robert, I can't thank you enough man. That was the
info I was looking for.  When customizing my order
on Dell's site, purchasing Norton Antivirus was an
option. That's why I was curious about that.

The info about programs either installing or not (safely)
was cool too. Didn't think about asking that till after
I sent my first post. Life is good.

Thanks a bunch for the links too.


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