Replacements for the ipaq 4150 CD?

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I've been offered a killer deal on an ipaq 4150 PDA but I have to decide
fast. The thing that's holding me up is that the owner can't find the HP
CD that came with the PDA. I don't really care about all the other stuff
but I do want to be able to reinstall the OS if it's ever necessary. Does
anyone know if I need the CD to do that, or is the OS stored in ROM? If
the former, is there perhaps some method to image the current installation
so I can later restore Windows from it instead of using an install CD?

Also the HP site does have Windows mobile 5 *upgrade* for sale for
this PDA. Does anyone know what kind of hoops that makes you jump
through to do the upgrade? That is, do I need the original HP CD, or
does it use the current installation to qualify the upgrade? (If the
latter then I'm thinking I can install it using the current version to
qualify. That'll give me a clean install since it says it overwrites all
previous data, and I'll just image that for future reinstallation)

Re: Replacements for the ipaq 4150 CD?

On Fri, 23 Mar 2007 16:23:27 -0500, rubbernecker

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The OS is stored in ROM, and has never been available on a CD. The CD
probably also has ActiveSync, which is available free someplace on the
Microsoft web site. And possibly Outlook, which is not available free.


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Neither. Each upgrade is built for specific hardware. If you have
physical possession of the appropriate hardware, then you have a right
to install the upgrade.

I just used google ( ) to
look up
ipaq 4150 upgrade
and got 107 hits. At least one from a reliable poster says there is no
upgrade for that model. I also think you should check before
upgrading; WM 5 is not universally liked, especially as an upgrade.
You would also get the name of a more appropriate newsgroup.

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