Recommendations for handheld dumb terminal?

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Can anyone recommend a good handheld rs232 terminal?

I do not want:

1) A laptop - This is what I'm currently using. It's too big (even though
it's a small Sony Vaio), too expensive (i'm always afraid I'll drop it on
the concrete floor as I'm walking around with it), and last, it's always a
pain waiting for windows to boot, run terminal app, etc. etc.  I use it to
configure & checkout vintage (70's era) microcomputers and I need a terminal
throughout the day - but sporadically.  Power on and go would be ideal.
Needless to say, having a 30 year old 8080 that's up and running after a few
toggles sitting there waiting for a 21st century machine to gather it's wits
can get frustrating.  I can only drink so many cups of coffee a day.

2) A current PDA - horrible form factor.  I don't want a calculator, phone,
mpwhatever. I need screen and keyboard for typing - something like a
Journada 720 would be a good size & shape - but I heard you can't connect in
handheld mode with a 720 because you need a docking station.

3) The things sold as "handheld terminals" these days on ebay.  They are
barcode scanners / inventory machines with calculator style keyboard

Any suggestions appreciated!


Re: Recommendations for handheld dumb terminal?

I used used a HP100LX with ProcommPlus to program telephone equ. years ago.
Klaus Ernst
"John Crane" <jc email> wrote in message
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Re: Recommendations for handheld dumb terminal?

John Crane wrote:
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There are freeware terminal appplications for Palm devices. Assume
they exist for WM too.  Not good if you need to to a lot of typing, but
if you need fixed strings sent, there are macros available.  For short
strings, you just write on the screen...way cool...

I'm currently putting together a system to talk to a pic processor
via RS232 on a Handspring.  Ain't workin' yet, but I'm optimistic ;-)


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