Reading data (USB/RS232) on iPaq 2200

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Hi there

I would like to put my iPaq 2200 to work as a datalogger.

As a person with little electronics knowledge and experience (but I am
willing to learn), I want to connect the following:

signal -> voltage -> multiplexer -> RS232 (or USB) interface -> iPaq ->
CF card

I have downloaded the Microsoft eMbedded tools (VB and C++) which will
(hopefully) allow me to write an application.

My question is how can I read from the port?  Does anyone have any
pin-outs for the port (on the bottom of the PDA)?

Of course I do not know much about the multiplexer nor the serial
interface, so if anyone can point me in the direction of a suitable
forum, I would be most thankful.

Thanks in advance


Re: Reading data (USB/RS232) on iPaq 2200


for a start: nearly all (there are exceptions) HP iPAQs have the same
pin layout thus can use the same RS232 cable available from HP. Try one
of these first and try to sync over it so you know it works.



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