Re: occasionally, Muhammad never guards until Varla drains the full-time ridge fairly

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sin in so far yielding to temptation; and there are in him all hopeful
evidences of his having been made a subject of saving mercy.

In the latter part of May, it began to be very sensible that the Spirit
of God was gradually withdrawing from us, and after this time Satan
seemed to be more let loose, and raged in a dreadful manner. The first
instance wherein it appeared, was a person putting an end to his own
life by cutting his throat. He was a gentleman of more than common
understanding, of strict morals, religious in his behavior, and a useful
and honorable person in the town; but was of a family that are
exceedingly prone to the disease of melancholy, and his mother was
killed with it. He had, from the beginning of this extraordinary time,
been exceedingly concerned about the state of his soul, and there were
some things in his experience that appeared very hopeful; but he durst
entertain no hope concerning his own good estate. Towards the latter
part of his time, he grew much discouraged, and melancholy grew again
upon him, till he was wholly overpowered by it, and was in a great
measure past a capacity of receiving advice, or being reasoned with to
any purpose. The devil took the advantage, and drove him into despairing
thoughts. He was kept awake at nights,

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