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andy M wrote:
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Call me paranoid but I would avoid any password manager that is freeware.

Imagine a criminally minded hacker builds in a routine in their freeware
password app to "phone home" the contents of the database when the PDA is
synced with the desktop computer. Imagine all your CC numbers, PINs, PayPal
passwords etc in the hands of hackers! Bear in mind also (at least in the
UK) that you would be responsible for all losses if your CC/bank card PINS
were compromised in this way.

I would only go with a product made by a well established reputable software
house. Too much at stake. I know most freeware products are probably
reputable but I'm unwilling to take that chance with so much at risk.

BTW I keep my passwords on my desktop computer in a pgp encrypted text file

Peter <X-Files fan>

Re: Freeware Password App

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The Open Source movement makes this whole argument nonsense. You can obtain
the source code and examine it. You don't have merely to believe that the
[object] code you are running is the same as the [source] code you are
viewing - just recompile your [vetted] copy of the source code, after
removing all the black-hat code if you like, and use the result.

Try KeePass at It's
free and open source.

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you ...

No, I have no affiliation to the Open Source movement or to the makers of

Harold Fuchs
London, England

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