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andy M wrote:

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I don't use one myself but my wife uses Roboform - which unfortunately is
not free.

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Pass as well.

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I use a free HP-41 emulator, found here:


Re: Freeware Password App

 >> 1) A Password safe - Ive been using Zetetic "Strip" which was
perfect . I need to be able to store passwords and CC numbers and PINs
etc. An accompanying  windows desktop app would be cool but not
essential <<

know that the winmobile devices master password is very secure with
respect to anything in main memory... otherwise, google for POCKETPC

many good things have been posted about ewallet over the years

 >> 2) A stock tracking app (doesnt need to trade, just download
portfolio details) <<

Might see what your online service looks like using pie... for example,
if it offers details in pdf format, download and open in acrobat's pdf

 >> 3) Currency converter (with online update) <<

"Gamma Unit" did this but is now gone... google time.  Gamma Unit is a
still great unit converter, but, if you run "update currency" you will
have to re-install the app.

 >> 4) A scientific calculator with unit conversion  <<

There are a number of excellent calculators out there as well as unit
converters... google time.  My suggestion (without units) is Eval from

Beverly Howard [MS MVP-Mobile Devices]

Re: Freeware Password App

On 2008-02-08, Beverly Howard [Ms-MVP/MobileDev] <> wrote:
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Dunno if this runs on Pocket PC (*); /

(* Without doubt the biggest piece of junk to come out of Redmond. Or indeed,
out of anywhere.)

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