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It occurs to me that this whole discussion has been nonsense - including my
own contributions.

What the Fragmento folk should be doing is borrowing the technology used by
the PrtScr (print screen) and Alt+PrtScr (print active window) functions in

Let the user select a portion of the screen/window and then let the
Fragmento software do the equivalent of Alt+PrtScr except only focussing on
the selected area. Of course, instead of actually printing the selection,
Fragmento would do its own thing with it which probably means transferring
it to some internal data structure or even a file (or the clipboard, as per

If the user chose "text only", Fragmento could even OCR the selection :-)

This would make Fragmento browser independent and the implementers could use
existing technology.

Harold Fuchs
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Re: Beta Testers Wanted

On Thu, 18 Aug 2005 12:00:53 +0100, Harold wrote:

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I dunno what functionality of Fragmento is needed and not found elsewhere.
There's no problem selecting text and images within a browser and pasting
it later into OpenOffice. As Pete pointed out for Winword, pictures are
inserted as link this way. But that can easily be dealt with. Just select
<Edit-Link-Break Link> inside OO_Writer and the pictures are stored in
the document and the links are gone. Winword has similar functionality.

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If you're looking for screen capture functionality, you could just test
some of the many ones already available. I use the capture function of
IrfanView in most cases. But there are many other good ones as well: (URL2BMP)

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Is there a browser where you can't just select some text and copy it to
the clipboard? And, IMHO, all will store at least a text-only version
and one with formatting inside the clipboard. So - depending on the
program and method you use for pasting - you can get both results.

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Maybe you should have look at some extensions for the Firefox browser.
Aardvark and the WebDeveloper Firefox Extensions are both made for
customized website viewing, printing, and so on:

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Re: Beta Testers Wanted


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I have for several years hoped that the Opera browser would get ported
over to PalmOS. Finally it has, in a fasion, as a java application
aimed at phones...

There was a mass of people that desired this move.. 'will be
interesting to see how it is taken up being java... but then it looks
as if some Palm will be moving towards Linux so it makes sense for the
developers at least.

Look how long it has taken to get Forte Agent to move on the torrent
of requests for multi mail server support.. It must be 5 plus years...
The F.A. team must have skin as thick as an elephant...

I do understand you frustration with getting developers to listen at
times... Sometimes they breath rarified air but sometimes they can
only do so much... It might be that this program is actually being
developed with a long term corporate aim in mind and not for the
general public.. Only the dev's can say...

I do admire your persistence with the problem though :o)


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