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Well, the time has finally come to replace my Psion Series 5.

After looking at both the Palm & Pocket PC platforms, the Palm T5 seems to
be the best bet, despite not having Wi-Fi (I know you can get an optional

Anyone have particular likes / dislikes of an objective nature?  The new
machine needs the following:-

- Basic calendar, but needs to be able to sync to Lotus Notes 6.5.
- Spreadsheet.
- Databases, two currently synced, one based on a Notes database, the other
MS Access.
- I am a diver and use the Psion as a dive log with the ability to download
from my dive computer (anyone recommend a suitable replacement software).
- Bluetooth not important as my phone doesn't support it.
- Useful to have MP3 player to save carrying CD player on trips.
- Reasonable battery life (I appreciate I won't get the 30 days or so of the

Any input welcome.

David B

Re: Psion replacement

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As a recent convert from a Psion 5mx, and without being able to answer all
your questions, I am enjoying using a second-hand Jornada 728 as a Psion
replacement, with a WiFi card (old Buffalo job), and Textmaker. I tried a
Tungsten C, but I missed the proper keyboard too much, and didn't want to
lug a separate one everywhere.

Lots of 720/728s on eBay...


uGKateway? Really?

Re: Psion replacement

Nothing as good as Psion S5mx on the market. Better hardware but you won't
find an user interface as easy.
Part of Psion UI design was taken from MacOS and the stability from Unix
internal structure. The ultimate PDA is still in laboratories, even if new
hardware specificaitons are amazingly powerful.

The good OS and GUI is always missing. Missing so much that the PDA market
is dying.

good OS + good GUI = result from an enterprise that take its time to think

Sony could do that. Mac could do that. The guys who designed the Psion
Series 3/3c operating system could do that. But other like Sharp, HP,
Motorola, Texas Intrument, Palm, ... are hardware designers first. They
could be sometimes ingenious but... how to feel easy in a sport car if you
have to press five buttons before changing gear?

\|/ @u(==-

Re: Psion replacement

I DO like keyboards.

Had 16 palmtops.

The best were

Psion Series 5mx
HP Jornada 690
HP Jornada 720

Pocket PC has no chances without keyboard...!

Andrea J

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