PPC or WM?

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I have an iPaq 4150 running Pocket PC v4.20.0 (Build 13252). Is this the
same as Windows Mobile 2003? The reason I ask is that the newest version of
Activesync (or whatever it's called now) says it's only compatible with
WM2003 or later.

Re: PPC or WM?

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Short answer:
sort of.

Longer Answer:

Microsoft has made a nomenclatural mess; you are definitely not the
first to ask a similar question.

The base operating system is Windows CE. Platforms that combine the
base operating system plus tweaks plus hardware specifications plus a
few applications. Microsoft has defined several platforms including
Pocket PC, Smartphone, and their predecessors. Windows Mobile is an
umbrella term that includes Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone Edition, and

So the proper names are:
Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC
Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC Phone Edition
Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphone

More common names:
Pocket PC 2003
Pocket PC 2003 Phone Edition
Smartphone 2003

Similarly for Windows Mobile 5. But probably not for the next

For more info, see:

I _think_ the utility that works with Vista is a complete replacement
for ActiveSync, not ActiveSync by another name. So the last version of
ActiveSync is 4.x (where x > 2). ActiveSync 4.2 does at least sort of
work with devices older than Pocket PC 2003.  I can definitely connect
and create a partnership with my old Pocket PC (2000). That lets me
explore it and synchronize time. But I haven't tried to synchronize
calendar, etc. Older versions of ActiveSync definitely don't work with
Windows Mobile 5 devices.

This newsgroup is actually more for Handheld PCs, and old Microsoft
platform. For general questions about Pocket PCs, I suggest
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