Power supply for a Toshiba E570

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Hi, my e570 power supply is out of order.
It's a 5V  3Amp.
Does anyone know if a 5V 2.6Amp power supply would be OK as a


Re: Power supply for a Toshiba E570

Hi Serge,

I think you'll be fine but this is at your own risk.

Looking at the technical manual for the e570, the correct power supply
can supply the device with 15 W. (W=VI, so W=5*3). With your supply,
you can supply 13W (5*2.6).

I'm guessing that this is sufficient to power the e570 to play a movie
from an SD card with the LCD screen set to superbright, volume to max
and while running a compact flash GPS. Work towards this and if you see
strange behaviour, such as the screen flashing on and off, power off
immediately, then avoid using compact flash or SD cards.

At worst, just use this setup as a trickle charger and run the device
off batteries. You can buy a cheap battery extender, or even a car or
second charger, off ebay. The Toshiba e750 or 740 is electrically very
similar and any power accessory advertised for these will work on your
PDA. My wife and I each have an e750 while my older e570 has gone to my
son, who uses it for movies on long trips.

Let me know if you want a copy of the technical manual on PDF.

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