Pocket Loox N500 and RS232

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I've come across a funny problem which even FSC support couldn't yet solve:

1. have a Loox 410 with RS232 cable

2. bought a Loox N500

3. have a PC with Windows XP SP2 international english with RS232 port
   and Active Sync 4.0 or 4.1 installed (makes no difference)

Now I tiried to sync with the Loox n500 via RS232. result: doesn't work
with the cable from the Loox 410. But sync with Loox 410 and zthis PC
via RS232 is fine with the exact same settings as for the Loox N500. FSC
first said the craddle port has some pins changed but then said, no the
old cable must work.

As I couldn't get it to work we agreed with FSC support to send in the
Loox N500 and the cable for closer inspection at FSC. Now they say they
have checked that the N500 as well as a Loox 420 works on some of their
laptops with RS232 sync with the same parameters. Then they asked me
about the manufacturer of my pc. I told them these details and I'm now
waiting for the results of their investigation. The PC has a Intel
Mainboard with 845 chipset (afaik).

Our own developped app. which uses RS232 communication works on the Loox
410 quite well, but not on the Loox N500, although the RS232 port is
COM1 there as well as on the Loox 410.

Any Ideas?



Re: Pocket Loox N500 and RS232


beware: the Loox N500 can sync via RS232, works with some PCs now but it
doesn't seem to supply a voltage level on its own, bad for driving
external devices which are powered from RS232. That's in constrast to
its predecessor pocket loox 410.



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