plug and play PDA that reads PDFs

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Hi, I bought the palm zire 72 with a camera and some other shizzle
fizzle features and am pretty disappointed with it.  I want to read my
pdfs on it (some are e-books), but first I have to convert a pdf to a
format for palms (which only work 80% of the time, the other 20% it
refuses to convert), then i have to sync it (which is quite annoying
since Palm OS does not allow me to browse the harddrive for files).

So maybe it's a paradigm shift I am not ready for or interested in, but
Palm's way of file management is really annoying.  I downloaded a
program (FileZ or something) that lets me view the files in an
explorer-file-manager-like way, but it's still really clumsy to use and
does not fit my needs very well.

Is there a PDA out there that I can simply plug in through USB, and use
it as an external hard drive?  In other words, where I can drag and
drop files onto the PDA.  And preferably, it having the capabilities to
read pdf files without having to 'convert' it.

I was thinking about buying an IPod, but the whole "syncing" concept is
really annoying to me.  I just want to have a small pda device (maybe
the HP handhelds do this?) that I can use as an external hard disk to
drag and drop files, and then use the device to view the files.  Does
anyone else have any input to the whole "syncing" versus "drag and
drop" paradigm?  I use several different computers so I would think a
"drag and drop" option on PDAs and MP3 players would be the preferred
way to interface with a handheld device for people on the go, but
apparently consumers really enjoy loading the syncing software on each
computer from which they sync with their pda device.

Thanks, and sorry to turn this to a complaint forum, but any sort of
input or criticism to my rant would be greatly appreciated!

Re: plug and play PDA that reads PDFs



all Windows CE based PDAs I know can be used the way you want. You have
to install a software named Active Sync from Microsoft, but then the PDA
is also visible as entry (not drive! [= bad design]) in the explorer.
You can drag'n drop then, but files will be converted if a conversion is
known. e.g. binary files won't if active sync doesn't know the extension.

There is a free PDA viewer available from Adobe. And nearly if not all
PDAs can be extended with SD Cards, some even with CF. I even know some
which have a USB host and therefore can read ordinary USB sticks. All
with Windows CE (I'm not a big fan of M$, but it worked). A filemanager
is included but the system is slightly different: there are no drives
only folders. The sd card is a folder too.



Re: plug and play PDA that reads PDFs

What is entry visibility versus drive visibility?  I guess I understand
how a device can be seen as an separate drive, but what about a
separate entry? An entry in what?

I have tried putting a pdf on my SD card and trying to open it through
Palm Reader, but Palm Reader doesn't even recognize it existing.  It
seems I have to sync it for it to even be seen.  I can see it from
FileZ, the file management system I downloaded.  But as I said before,
I don't really like syncing.  It seems proprietary and time consuming.

I never heard of a PDA with a USB host, I think that's a step in the
right direction for pocket devices.

Re: plug and play PDA that reads PDFs wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

As is Adobe Reader for PalmOS you are using to view those PDFs. And it's
a bit old application, I think it's not developped any more.

But you better get used to the syncing process, as all existing PDA
platforms use it. Windows Mobile aswell, Symbian aswell. Usually not all
filetypes need to be converted during the hotsync process, you can just
drag&drop or copy from your desktop HDD to your SD card lots of them,
and then read/play/view them on your Palm. For example: MP3s, Word
documents, Excell spreadsheets, text files, pictures (JPGs, GIFs, BMPs,
etc.). Unfortunatelly, seems PDF is not one of them, as it needs
reformatting (reflow, rescaling of pictures etc.) before the viewer on
the Palm can display it.

For drag&drop moving/copying files from desktop to Palm, you can either
use a hardware card reader (I'm using 6-in-1 USB type), or software on
your Palm and Palm's USB cable/craddle you got with the device.

Software is called Card Export, made by Softick, and it essentially
"turns" your Palm into the USB flash disk. You get another external
drive in your Windows Explorer on your desktop and can copy/move/etc.
files from/to your expansion card in your Palm like with any other USB
flash drive or similar. See here: /

Additionally you might want to check out Palm Tungsten T5 which has 256
MB flash RAM inside and similar functionality built-in, called the drive
mode. When you turn it on, it "becomes" a flash RAM drive.

Oh, BTW, there's also another PDF viewer int he works, not finished yet
it seems, but you might want to check it out:
....or more precisely here:

I hope it helped...

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Re: plug and play PDA that reads PDFs

Windows CE based devices don't appear as a normal drive in the explorer
but as some entry which can nearly be used as one.

A normal drive could also be used from the DOS shell which would be
good, but I don't think this special entry can. But you can dran'n drop
on it and necessary file conversions will be made automatically. For
some PDFs it gives an error that "tagging" can't be done, but this isn't
really bad. Just confirm it and then it's okay.



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