please help me out configure my phone!

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Ok.  This is almost off-topic, but not quite: I badly need help with
setting up my phone (Nokia 6133 with T-Mobile, USA) to use with my
N800.  Here is the problem:

I just upgraded my T-Mobile account with $5.99 to allow Internet
access.  It seems to work fine.  However, when I try to connect my 800
to it I have a problem.  Here is what I did:

After switching Bluetooth on on my Nokia 6133 phone, I went to control
panel->phone were I set up a connection to my phone, then I went to
connectivity and clicked on the connection to my phone,  I then got a
message on the N800 saying "subscribe to packet data first" and a
simultaneous message on my Nokia 6133 saying that the connection had
been disconnected.

I would note here that the bluetooth connection between the two units
functions very well and I see all the files on my phone from the
N800's file manager.

Then - I suspect that this is related - I have a similar problem in
another circumstance: accessing my gmail account.

I went to and downloaded an application called gmail
mobile.  The application was downloaded and installed without any
problems.  I could also start it with no problems.  First, I am given
a menu in which to enter my name and password and then I have to click
on 'sign in'.  This is when the problem occurs.  I get a message
saying 'application access set to not allowed' and, next, 'gmail can't
access the server until you grant it permission to send and receive
data on the network".

I called T-Mobile but, predictably, all they could achieve is ask me
plenty of questions about the last for digits of my social, my
address, password, etc. but could offer zero help.  I spoke to what
appears to be a level three technicians who had exactly nothing at all
to offer.

My impression is that the problem is not between the phone and the T-
Mobile network as no data exchange appears to be taking place between
the moment I attempt to sign in and the first error message.  Also -
when I attempt to establish a dialup connection between my N800 and my
phone (my first problem) the two units "talk" to each other, but
nothing seems to be happening between the phone and the network.

So what is the setting on the phone I should change?

Under "settings" there is a menu connectivity->packet data which
offers two options: 'when needed' and 'always online'.  I tried both
to no avail.

So how do I enable packet data and allow application access over the

Many thanks,


Re: please help me out configure my phone!

At 20 Apr 2007 09:24:28 -0700 vees wrote:

T-Mobile has been attempting to clamp down on what you can access with
the $5.99/month plan.  Apparently, according to some posts on, they've disabled the ability of some newer phones (like
the 6133) from connecting to the net with Java apps like GMail or Google
Maps.  Tethering other devices to the phone might be disabled as well.

Note that this would only apply to 6133s sold by T-Mobile- not an
"unlocked" phone directly from Nokia.  

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Re: please help me out configure my phone!

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As I understand it they are clamping down on UNSIGNED apps.
Not all apps in general to restrict usage.

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Re: please help me out configure my phone!

At 20 Apr 2007 14:04:40 -0500 GeekBoy wrote:
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True, but in this case, "unsigned" seems to mean not approved by T-
Mobile.  This seems to leave out Google Maps, Opera Mini, and GMail-
arguably the three "must-have" Java apps for many people.

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Re: please help me out configure my phone!

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You can get it signed by joining their developer's group and paying a
big fee

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