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I was looking for a PDA with USB host controller so that I can connect
a USB dongle that could be recognized by it. Also are there any PDA's
that anybody has come across wwith RS232 support. I know that we can
use the serial port of the PDA that is used for Active-Sync. However
since that is proprietary, is there any way i could get a standard
serila port output. Is there any third party hardware/software  that
could be used for this conversion.

We currently have USB device that connects to a PC and gets recognized
as serial port device. This USB device emulates a serial device. Now I
would like to know if there are any PDA's that would allow me to
connect this USB device( I could change the firm ware to behave as USB
rather than emulate a serial device). Alternatively i could also change
the design to a serial port if there are any PDA's that would allow
serial communication.

The TDS recon is one such PDA...but it way too expensive.

Any input is welcome.

Thanks in advance

Swaroop Shekar

Re: PDA with usb host support

I recently purchased a Toshiba PocketPC e355 that is supposed to support USB
Host - I haven't actually tried it yet.

Most of the PDAs that support USB Host are ruggedized, industrial units and
quite expensive.

You may need special drivers - my USB device does come with WinCE drivers.

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Re: PDA with usb host support

sshekar@gmail.com schrieb:

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The Sharp Zaurus models have USB Host and Client support. And, you can
install/modify their software quite easily since they use Linux.

Here is a good pointer to supported USB peripherals:

-- hns

Re: PDA with usb host support

Hi Swaroop,

Every day I use a Toshiba e750 PDA with a USB hub supporting a USB
mouse, keyboard and swap files with a USB flash drive. Some guys use
USB bluetooth adapters and USB 20 GB hard drives but I couldn't get the
latter recognised.

The hardware is the Toshiba Extender (VGA and USB) and the software is
the USB host driver. But, unlike Windows XP, the PDA operating system
does not have generic drivers for USB, so each device needs a specific
or generic driver. My mouse, hub and keyboard were recognised by the
USB HID driver but the mouse needed an additional application (from
DeJe) to draw a cursor and recognise x, y movement). The flash drive
needed the Ratoc mass storage driver. Happy to send you links for this,
but it's beautifully docmented at the Brighthand PDA forum - start at
http://forum.brighthand.com/forumdisplay.php?f=1166 and follow the USB
bluetooth forum as it covers all the things that work and don't work.

Fujitsu Loox and Sharp Zaurus users are very loyal to their devices and
their support for USB host.

Finally, I've often referred to this site as a useful resource as they
supply standard RS232 cables for a variety of PDAs - haven't bought
anything yet but they seem to know their stuff. They sell a USB to
serial cable for a Toshiba PDA for a reasonable price:
http://pc-mobile.net/usb2s.htm . They probably support other PDAs as



Re: PDA with usb host support


the Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loon N5xx Series or the C550 is exactly what
you want. They all have RS232 and USB host, the C550 has 640x480 display
and the N-Series has GPS built in.

If you're living outside the EU please contact Fujitsu directly and ask
them to bring these devices on your market as well. Fujitsu once had
PDAs in their portfolio, now only their cooperation with Siemens has them...



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