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I wanted some advice about buying a PDA, and thought I'd send out my
concerns and see what comes back from those more informed than myself.

I am looking for a PDA, to which I can attach a foldout (pretty much
full sized) keyboard and use as a Word Processor.  A simple, harkening
back to the times of Apple IIe and Brother electric typewriters, Word
Processor.  I would however like the more advanced feature of a spell
checker xor dictionary if possible.

I'm looking for this in the cheapest possible package.  Searching for
used models on eBay is probably where I'll end up, and this is find.

The ability, or future capacity for checking email, text messaging,
moderate surfing, and the like would be very very nice, but not
necessary.  The above requirement is really the only necessity.

Look forward to your opinions.  Thanks in advance.

Re: PDA purchase for specific use

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I recently bought a Dell Axim X-30.  The foldout keyboard is about the same
size as any laptop.  Certainly the same size as my  first computer TI-99-4A.

I have not used the pocket word that is included.  I did try a test before
posting this reply.  It will spell check what you highlight but does not
appear to have the auto spell check feature of WORD.

The model I bought has bluetooth and wireless connectivity.  So internet and
email are possible.

I bought mine new and direct from Dell as they were selling for more on Ebay
than I could buy new for.  Dell was having a sale at the time.  I did buy
the Dell keyboard on Ebay for about half the price as it would have been
from Dell.


Re: PDA purchase for specific use

I've got an Asus MyPal a716 with extra battery for sale.  $200 US plus
shipping/ins.  You can buy a couple of keyboards for it (I use the Stowaway
IR keyboard).  WiFi and Bluetooth, tough, light, nice screen.  Used 4 months
with screen protector.  All manuals, cables and original packaging.


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