PDA/Handheld with decent Linux support

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I'm looking for a combined phone and handheld. My wish list is currently
as follows:

- Bluetooth
- WIFI, preferably a/b/g, b/g will do
- USB host support
- Preferably IrDA
- Serial interface
- Ethernet (can live without or by using some sort of dongle)

It seems the IPAQ hw69xx series is closest to my requirements, but I'm
unsure about the Linux support. It unfortunately (according to hp.com's
spec sheet) doesn't seem to have USB host or another decent (PCMCIA or
similar) extension slot.

I'm open to alternatives. What is, or would be, important to me is the
possibility to have some sort of more in-depth control over it, for
instance to be able to implement a customizable screening of incoming
calls and text messages based on source number.

The ability to run Linux on it and have all the hardware working is
important, however I could live with Windows Mobile for a while as long
as it's possible to modify/program it.

Regarding price I won't decide on that until the alternatives are clear,
but I imagine $600-700 is acceptable, possibly more if the specs are

Recommendations? I'm open to alternatives...


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