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I am looking to buy a used Palm Tungsten C, if it will do what I want.
I want to be able to connect to a wifi network (this model comes with
a wifi card), set the Palm to use an anonymous proxy (I enter the
address/port), and go to or and use an e-mail
account.  There are a couple sites that keep updated lists of public
proxy servers.  This procedure works fine from a PC (MS Windows).

I found some stuff on the Tungsten C, and it says you can use special
proxy servers that reformat the web pages, and says how to enter the
address/port. I assume this will work with any proxy server, not just
the Palm supported ones (less the web reformatting, of course).

I want to buy a used model. Any problems with the early ones?

Any other products that will do this?  I'd prefer something smaller
than a laptop, and because I don't want to use it for anything else, I
don't need any fancy bells and whistles, and what to keep the cost
down.  (Or maybe I'll end up finding web surfing at wifi spots more
handy than expected.)


Re: Palm with anonymous proxy

On or about depending on the hamsters 21 Dec 2004 22:30:14 -0800, Todd  

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In theory there shouldn't be a problem. You can use any proxy... just  
enter the details in the browser set-up.

One problem you may have with some networks is that they force you to use  
their proxy (my work requires this, for example). So I can't use any other  
proxy at the same time. When I'm using my own connection from home, I can  
use pretty much anything (or nothing) that I want. So it may depend on how  
you connect. This will affect any wifi device not just the Palm.

Web-mail is ok via the T|C, but much better is popmail. Versamail is fine  
-- I've got 3 accounts set up on my T|C. They all use authenticated  
addresses, so basically I can use them from anywhere (unless I'm blocked  
by the local wifi network... does happen). I use Snapper for IMAP  
(slightly more stringent security on that). Using POP you can compose/read  
off-line etc, and then just hunt for a connection to send when you're  

The keyboard on the T|C is great for email.

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