Palm TX vs Dell Axim X51

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Okay, a little help here, please. I am looking into getting one or the
other. I am used to the Palm OS. I have used a Palm V (stop snickering)
for several years. It has done fine but I require much more memory and
would like wi-fi. How is the MS OS? Basically, this would be used for
speadsheets (inventory/pricing), email and web. Thanks in advance.

Re: Palm TX vs Dell Axim X51

My wife and I each have our own Desktop PC (both using Windows
XP Pro) and we each have our own Palm Zire 72.  We both use
USB for Zire-to-PC connecting.  Everything works just fine
with one exception, her Zire will not connect to her PC.  
Trying to get her Zire to connect to her PC consistently
results in the 'Windows XP Hardware Fail.wav' sound.

On the other hand, my Zire successfully connects to both of
our PC's and her Zire will successfully connect to my PC. I
have even tried switching USB cables but the problem still
persists.  Her Zire simply will not connect to her PC.

Has anyone else had a problem like this?  Does anyone have a
suggestion on how to resolve this issue?

Thank you,

Re: Palm TX vs Dell Axim X51

As far as web apps, mainly email. I can access my Hotmail/Yahoo
accounts via my T-mo phone, no web surfing- maybe the occasional
Google. Thanks for the input.

Re: Palm TX vs Dell Axim X51 wrote:
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I have owned a PalmPilot Pro and Handera 330, and now own the TX.  I
also closely considered the Axim X51v, but ended up going with the TX
for price and familiarity (although the Graffiti 2 is taking some
getting used to).  I have to say I love the TX.  It comes bundled with
a licensed version of Documents-to-Go, VersaMail, and Blazer.  All of
them work smoothly for me.  Although it is true that the web was not
designed for a PDA screen, I like having web access for checking movie
times and looking up facts when there's no computer access handy.  It's
similar to the fact that I like having a keyboard for note-taking with
my Palm now and then, even though for serious writing I prefer a
desktop computer.

The only thing I personally cannot do on the Palm that I could have
done with the Axim is Skype.  Not worth the price differential IMO.

If you do go with the TX, I think you'll have a much better experience
if you don't "upgrade," but rather uninstall your Palm V and install
your TX fresh.  Get upgrades on your software while you're at it.  Most
of the complaints about the TX stability seem to come from people who
try to switch all their old software right over all at once.

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