Orinoco driver workaround for H/PC MIPS (WinCE 2.11)

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There is precious little public information on the 'Net regarding
working driver and utilities for Orinoco (Wavelan/Lucent/Agere)
PCMCIA cards on H/PC MIPS (Windows CE 2.11); the 'HPCFactor'
website has an inconclusive discussion thread but no
specific working solutions for MIPS 4000 machines.  The following
procedure worked for me to provide a driver and client manager
application that supports Orinoco, Roamabout and perhaps other
Hermes-I cards on a Fujitsu Pencentra 130 (MIPS 4121 CPU) H/PC:

(package filenames can be found with a 'Net search)

1. Install the Orinoco 4.06 WinCE release 'WLWCE406.exe' using
    'ActiveSync' on the x86 host, to the target H/PC.
    Note that more recent versions of the Orinoco drivers
    won't install even though advertised to support WinCE 2.11,
    and they won't run if manually installed from CAB files on
    the H/PC target.

2. Insert and Orinoco WLAN card and verify that it is detected
    and remove the card.

3. Install the Roamabout package from file:
    RoamAbout-client-WIN-CE-628-pkg.ZIP, using ActiveSync as above.

4. Insert the Orinoco card and then start the client manager app
    by double clicking the 'signal bars' icon in the system tray;
    verify that the card is detected and that it can be configured
    in the application.  Verify also that Roamabout cards work
    as well, if you have one.

The Orinoco 4.06 package lacks the client manager application;
the Roamabout package also has additional features like site-survey
(which I have not yet tried).


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