Opie 1.2 released

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The Opie Team is proud to announce the next stable release of the Open
Integrated Environment (Opie), version 1.2.  

Version 1.2 builds upon the last stable version (1.0.3, released November
2003), and provides a rich graphical user environment and comprehensive
selection of applications. Applications include personal information
management (PIM), media players for many different audio and video formats,
viewers for images and electronic documents, games and many utilities for
file transfer, connectivity with other computers, etc. As with previous
versions, Opie continues to provide binary compatibility with applications
developed for TrollTech's Qtopia environment.

Opie supports synchronization with other computers using KDE's next
synchronization framework known as KitchenSync, MultiSync and Qtopia

Like most Linux software, Opie is able to run on a wide variety of
Opie has direct hardware support for Hewlett Packard iPAQ, Sharp Zaurus,
and Siemens SIMpad devices. Opie is provided in several Linux distributions
including: Familiar, OpenZaurus and OpenSIMpad.

This version will appear in the next version of your favorite distribution,
such as OpenZaurus 3.5.3 and Familiar 0.8.2.

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