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As many people do not have BES installed at their company, they rely
instead on BWC. BWC, however, makes it difficult to keep your email
synchronized between your main mail server and your Blackberry.

Thus, at present, BWC provides a rather poor level of integration
between your Blackberry and your main email server. Most people seem to
use their Blackberry just to rapidly scan incoming email and reply to a
few urgent ones, knowing that next time they get to their desktop
things will appear as if nothing had been done on the Blackberry.

A solution for more interactivity?

The solution proposed here achieves the following functionality:

* Works with Unix-based IMAP accounts.
* Every email received by your main server is immediately forwarded to
your Blackberry (rather than pulled every 15 minutes by BWC). So you
get immediate access to all incoming email.
* Every email (except a few special ones described below) sent from
your Blackberry automatically ends up in a sent-mail-bb folder on your
server. So you get a full trace of what you send from your Blackberry.
* When you reply to an email on your Blackberry, the email gets tagged
as 'answered' on your main server. So you can keep track of which
emails have already been answered when you get back to your desktop.
* You can move emails from your inbox to any of your IMAP folders with
just a few clicks on your Blackberry. So you can file emails into IMAP
folders on your main server while you are on the move.
* Just in case, a rolling backup of the 64 most recent emails received
is kept before any filtering or other action is taken.
* No administrator privileges required, everything happens in your Unix
home directory. Your server must have standard tools like procmail,
formail, perl and a few others installed, though.

Theory of operation

The main idea is pretty simple: Every email received by your main
server will be carbon-copied to your blackberry for immediate
consumption. To file from your Blackberry an email into an IMAP folder
on your main server, you will forward that email back to your main
email address, typing into the body of the forwarded message the name
of the folder you want the email to be filed into. This can be achieved
in very few wheel clicks and keystrokes on your Blackberry. In order to
be able to mark an email as answered on your main server when you
answer it from your Blackberry, and also to store on your main server
the reply you have sent, you will bcc: your main email address on every
email you send from the Blackberry. Given that bcc:, every email you
send from your Blackberry (not only replies, but new composed messages
as well) will also be stored as sent-mail on your main server.

For more details on operation, please see:

I hope this info helps make life easier!

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