Ok to leave my 2210 charging in the cradle all day?

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Hi I ahve been told that its bad to have laptops, mobiles etc left
plugged into ac power al day.  will my ipaq 2210 battery be damaged if
i have it in the cradle all day being synced and charged?

Wat do others do?


Re: Ok to leave my 2210 charging in the cradle all day?

On Wed, 23 Feb 2005 17:02:00 -0800, steved wrote:

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The official line on batteries is this:

NiCd--Gets memory easily and is easily damaged(loses capacity) by

NiMH--Doesn't get memory(or is almost impossible to get) but still has
overcharge issues(depends who you ask)

Li-Ion--No memory,no overcharge issues(actually almost all Li-Ion have
smart chargers to avoid it) but over-discharge can cause capacity loss.
Discharge monthly to recalibrate.

In My experience as someone who deals with lots of dead batteries

NiCd--Gets memory, can lose capacity overcharging, but mainly only with
fast-charge.  Capacity is easily recovered with complete
discharge(constant resistive load) and recharge(Calling it regeneration
because I forgot the market-speak.)

NiMH--Rarely gets memory, but more susceptible to fast-charge(full
capacity in 1-2hours) capacity loss.  Not as good a candidate for
regeneration, but it can be done.

Li-Ion--No memory, fast charge isn't an issue, but seems to lose capacity
more quickly with frequent low-range discharge-charge cycles(leaving ON on
the charger all the time) discharge fully or mostly every few charge
cycles to avoid problems.  Cannot be regenerated as easily(or at all?)
due to supposed low-charge problems.

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