Odd Axim X50 Problems

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I am having two odd problems with a new Axim X50:

First, the wifi.  The 802.11b works fine at home, but not at work.  At work,
the X50 finds two networks with the same name and swaps back and forth
between them.  It is one network with multiple wireless routers.  The signal
is good on one and bad on the other so that the unit bounces back and forth
between good signal and no signal.  Of course it is unusable this way.  Any

Second, the sd card.  I can put the sd card in my desktop computer, transfer
a few files and when I put it back into the x50, it does NOT see the new
files.  I have tried "show all files" and "refresh".  If, using the x50, I
create a new directory and copy some existing file on the card into the new
directory, the x50 will magically see the new files in the root of the card!
Any ideas on this one?



Re: Odd Axim X50 Problems

Thu, 26 May 2005 13:19:15 -0400, Charles Perry:

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Is the device switched on when you insert the card? May be the event
that informs programs about changes of peripherals doesn't fire
because it is switched off.
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