Nintendo DS, Sony PSP will get Instant Messaging: AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo!, Jabber

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Meetro Announced for Nintendo DS, PSP!
A Chicago based Meetroduction, LLC has created the ultimate "breaking the
ice" instant messenger program. This new instant messaging application is
called Meetro ( and is created by the team of CEO Paul
Bragiel (current CEO of Paragon 5) and President Wendell Davis III
(ex-producer of Cave Barn Studios). What makes Meetro a unique instant
messenger is that it shows the proximity in miles how far away each user is
from your location. Paul Bragiel explains, "Meetro is the new dynamic way to
meet people local to you." Wendell Davis III states, "Meetro makes finding
people within walking distance a breeze -- perhaps even a summer breeze." It
will cater to people wanting to make friends in their new town and
especially targeting college students who are dying to meet new friends
(also a great way to procrastinate on that English paper). It allows users
to have their picture and taglines, and also allows users to message people
on AOL AIM and ICQ (MSN, Yahoo and Jabber are coming soon).

Features of Meetro include:
  a.. Instant Messenger program telling how far users are away from each
other in miles.

  b.. Includes taglines, user pictures and an extensive customizable user

  c.. The program has AIM, ICQ support. Yahoo support will come out later
this month and MSN will be around the corner. Jabber support coming later.
As I mention before, Meetro was created by GBA developers. Paragon 5 created
the top-down racer, Karnaaj Rally GBA, while Davis' experience includes
Urban Yeti GBA by Cave Barn Studios (a very weird and off-beat game to say
the least). What makes Meetro video game oriented is that it is now being
developed for Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable! Davis says, "We've
entered an early stage of development for handheld console support, which
includes both Sony PSP and Nintendo DS." Bragiel states, "We see the DS and
PSP as platforms that were designed to be used for applications besides
games. We want to bring social software to these machines." However, we won't
see this technology implanted until summer 2006.

There is a lot of potential with this new Meetro IM program; however, there
is still improvement to be made by Meetro staff to make it a must-used IM
program. The team needs to improve their multi-functional IM support to make
it to near the level of the Trillian program, and also needs a face-lift
with new features like history page, more smilies, and other generic IM
features. But the biggest improvement needs to be getting more people to use
this program, especially business laptop users and university students - and
hopefully the DS and PSP versions will help.

Final Thoughts:
There is a whole a lot to be agitated and excited about with the Meetro
program. The obvious worry is that there is a whole competition in the IM
industry and this program must find its market niche. Meetro is not up to
par to their competitors with users and technology compared to their
competitors just yet, but more updates should help them. The Meetroduction
team can find their market niche with the businessmen with their laptops and
college students as both of those markets are filled with tech savvy
netizens. And the realm of video games, particularly Nintendo DS, should
hold very interesting possibilities. Meetro could become the ultimate way to
meet local people via the Internet.

Special Thanks to Wendell Davis III and Paul Bragiel of the Meetro team.

Re: Nintendo DS, Sony PSP will get Instant Messaging: AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo!, Jabber

This makes a lot of sense for the DS and I will prob pick this up
when/if it comes out, but I have to wonder how you will IM with a
PSP??  use the d-pad to select letters like you are entering a high
score in an old arcade game?  sounds impractical, sure you could plug
in a keyboard but then you may as well just use your desktop/laptop...
It will be interesting how this is worked out for the PSP.

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Re: Nintendo DS, Sony PSP will get Instant Messaging: AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo!, Jabber

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So now I'm going to get spam in the middle of a game?

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