newbie IPAQ questions b4 purchase

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newbie to Pocket PC's here, am considering an HP/Compaq iPAQ hx2755
Intel® PXA270 processor, Win Mobile 2003 SE, 128MB ROM and 128MB SDRAM)
few questions, is Linux or Palm OS that much better than Mobile 03 and
is it Outlook or lookout, is good or should I look at
tigerdirect etc.  ?

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Re: newbie IPAQ questions b4 purchase

someone  wrote in message
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As for Linux, the answer depends on your profile. If you are asking the
question, the answer for you is probably no. Setting up a PDA with Linux is
not as easy and smooth as with a proprietary OS (except maybe in the Zaurus
case). It is not unreachable, but it requires a bit work on documentation
and configuration. The counterpart is you get a full-featured OS, Free (as
in free speach) software that you can trust, and an environment that you can
totally adapt to your needs and tastes.

If your profile is the one of a busy businessman with floor-scratching
teeth, you probably do not want Linux. If you are a geek, you should install
Linux right now. If you are somewhere in-between, you can just give it a try
on some boring week-end (you can do that without harming the wince

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