Need synchronization recommendation!

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Hello all,

I'm running an iQue 3600 (Palm 5), and I'm looking to get everything on
the same page here... that is, synchronizing with a Mac (iCal) at home,
a PC at work (MS Outlook 2003), and potentially another PC at home.

Here's the ideal situation: I've got my handheld in a meeting with me,
taking notes on it... I get a meeting request, and pull down my
calendar and add it to my events.  At that point, maybe it synchronizes
through the Internet with all of my computers (.Mac or something?), or
maybe I sync it via cradle.  But, when I get back to my desk, I have my
notes that I've taken in the meeting on the handheld, and in my
calendar at outlook I have my new appointment.

I need a way to syncronize all calendars with iCal on the Mac, but only
stuff in the "Work" calendar with Outlook at the office--which
incidentally is running under exchange.  I need addresses to be
consistently synchronized across the board as well, without conflicts.
I realize that last task may be a chore considering PC vs. Mac.

I may also be potentially interested in upgrading to a new/different
model of handheld... possibly with phone and email capability.  Would
also be interested in something that has better handwriting recognition
than the iQue.  The Origami products look nice, but I understand it'll
be a while before they're to market.

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