Need an opinion on which handheld to buy...

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I am looking to purchase a handheld and would like to hear pros & cons on
two models that I am looking at.  I currently have an old Palm M100 and am
wanting to upgrade to either the Dell Axim X51V or the HP 2795.  I'm leaning
towards the Dell because of the VGA display as opposed to the QVGA in the HP
and I really like what I've read about Windows Mobile 5.

However, I have seen various reviews of the Dell Axim that talk about
disappearing storage cards, overheating, and requireing many soft resets.  I
haven't see these issues associated with reviews for the HP but again, I'm
leaning toward the Dell.  Are most people using the Dell Axim generally
having these issues or am I just hearing the bad stories and not the good?
Can anyone comment on whether or not these issues appear in the HP or if
this might be Windows Mobile 5 issues in general?

Thanks for your help

Re: Need an opinion on which handheld to buy...

I have the Dell, and I've had to do quite a few soft resets. Seems to need
more for a while, then be OK for a period. I really need to study the manual
more and know more what I'm doing. But, other odd things happen, like the
message on a couple of applications that they seemed (forget exact words)
corrupted and needed reinstallation. Haven't tried to solve that one yet. I
think I have some issues around where certain things are placed, main memory
or on the card. I need to do some learning, and just haven't had time.


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Re: Need an opinion on which handheld to buy...

I recently bought on eBay HP iPaq 3115 and sold Sony Clie PEG-NX70V. The
iPaq is absolutely perfect, especially WiFi. If there is a signal it will
sniff it out and connect by itself without fiddling around like with the
Clie (Palm OS). I bought 1 Gb SD card which stores tons of pictures, which I
resize to fit the screen so they are small in size. It plays excellent
quality videos, music... MS Mobile is also optimized for PDA. It is straight
forward to connect to internet, Clie was pain. The file structure for
storing pictures and videos is "normal" which was totally retarded in Palm
OS. The pictures load instantly, slide show could have interval 1 sec
between slides, Palm OS was 5 sec. You had to wait forever. Clie screen was
larger than iPaq, but it was impossible to view any larger number of
pictures, because it took forever to load the thumbs. I had to create
animation in Jask Animation to view series of pictures. There is no fuss
with PC mobile. It is like win XP.

iPaq is perfect size to fit nicely in the pocket and very decent size of
screen to show you photos around. I like and I have a lot of gadgets, but
iPaq is so far the best and very practical toy.

There are few problems with PC mobile:

1. PocketTV which plays videos does not allow you to browse through the
nested folders (shame!). I had to go to file explorer and select video that

2. Videos do not show thumbs like Clie did, so you do not know what kind of
video it is.

3. When you close a program it actually does not close, but it moves to the
background. You have to go through Settings/System/Memory/Running Programs
and closed all. This is weird! You could have may program running
simultaneously without knowing why the PDA is running so slow.

I would say that PC Mobile is more elegant than Palm OS, but still it is not
elegant enough. It is still not for people without computer knowledge. It is
shame, because it so close, but not close enough. This would take perhaps a
couple of hours for a hacker to fix it. I wish someone could do it for me.

I hope, this will give you some info which you were looking for.


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