Movie Guide: Cross platform alternative to "Showtimes"

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Hi there,

Since it's been recently updated, I thought you might like to know
about "Movie Guide" which is an alternative to the Palm only

Movie Guide is an application that can list your favourite cinemas and
the films that each of them are showing. You can also use it to locate
all the cinemas playing a certain film and it can show you the most
popular ones playing and provide a quick link for more details.

At present, it supports cinemas located in the UK and the USA.

Since the application generates this information using standard HTML
pages, it can be viewed with anything that has a web-browser such as
PDA's, Smartphones and even offline browsers. All you need is some
web-space and the ability to run Perl scripts on the server.

It's released under the GNU GPL which means you get the code absolutely
free. In addition you can freely make modifications to that code and
redistribute it, as long as you use the same licence.

For more information see: /



Re: Movie Guide: Cross platform alternative to "Showtimes"

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Just to clarify Richard's post, when I  went to the website
it was made clear that some form of website is necessary
as the Perl script has to run on a web server.

Consequently it may not be suitable for those who use
*exclusively* EPOC machines and have no website.

Otherwise I'd guess it's a good solution for anyone
needing that kind of information!

Take care,

"Freedom is the handle on the bucket of your soul."

Re: Movie Guide: Cross platform alternative to "Showtimes"

On Tue, 16 Aug 2005 05:17:56 -0700, Richard wrote:

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    I've made some updates locally (mostly cleaning up the verbose
printing of HTML. Since you're using directly, just use it to
output your HTML too), but I had one question:

    Why don't you provide the synopsis with each movie's listing?

Re: Movie Guide: Cross platform alternative to "Showtimes"

David A. Desrosiers wrote:
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Would you consider sharing the code?

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In all honesty, it's something I'd like to do (as well as film ratings,
you could then view the list of films by rating, which would be neat)
but haven't had the time to implement. Only recently has the script
included support for the United States which has meant that it's had a
surge in popularity.

Additionally I need to find a site which is simple enough to navigate
to the film and parse the information. IMDB springs to mind, but you
have to go several layers deep to get a decent synopsis and I know
they're rather anal about scripts crawling their site.

If anyone knows of a good alternative, then please say so and I'll take
a look.



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