Motorola A760 menu button??

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I'm trying to manually change the band on my Motorola A60 using the
following procedures:

OPCODE to change bandwidth:
Click Menu then 048263* This open OPCODE
Enter the following code:
10*0*3 for GSM 900
10*0*4 for GSM 1800
10*0*5 for GSM 1900
10*0*6 Dual band GSM 900/1800 (European and ASIA )
10*0*7 North America GSM 850/1900.
Note:After you enter a selected code and hit ok you see Success it is

To any one that used PIN to lock the fone and fogot the code (4 digit)
either find smartmoto to read it or use this opcode to master rest and
master clear.
048263* to get to opcode


However, every website mentions this 'Menu' button which I cannot

Can anyone help with this?

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