MC12 Ericsson and webcam - any ideas

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Hopefully I have found the right group - apologies if not.

I have an old Ericsson MC12 running Windows CE. I also have a 3COM
PCMCIA Ethernet adapter and a Trust USB webcam. I would like to
connect the webcam to the MC12 in some way, run APACHE or some other
web server and use the ethernet adapter to connect the whole shooting
match to my LAN. That way I could have a remote webcam that can be
more than 3 feet from my PC. (Up to 100m even?)

The ethernet adapter seems to fit the MC12 OK and therefore I assume I
can connect it to my network. But........ problem number one - how to
connect the webcam (USB) to the MC12 (Serial port only!) Is this
possible does anyone know?



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