Mac Qtopia synch to Zaurus SL-5500 old ROMs?

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I just bought a refurb Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 with the v2.38 ROMs.

I have an iBook I'm trying to synch to.

More specifically, I have old Palm data I'm trying to get over to the

I copied the Palm files from my old Win98 laptop to the Mac. I've been
able to import that data into Qtopia.

But I can't seem to get the (ToDo) data passed over from the Mac to the
Zaurus. When I synch the laptop acts like everything has moved over,
but the Zaurus seems to just get locked in some sort of loading
process. (The file is ~56kb.)

I tried a hack-around of just using FTP to  move the todolist.xml from
the laptop over to the Zaurus, but that has the same problem. I even
played with adding an RIDMax tag with vi, having seen that this tag was
inside a todolist.xml that was created by just manually adding a couple
tasks into ToDo.

Any ideas? I don't even mind not having an easy 2-way synch, if I can
just get data onto the Zaurus and then use manual methods to maybe back
up to the Mac. (In other words, Qtopia would become either read-only or

(I tried just beaming from the Palm to the Zaurus, but the Comments
didn't come over with the ToDos.)

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